Proud of our industry background and widespread knowledge spanning back to 1996, "the dawn of the internet", saw our owner Robert Johnson create, and obtain, several prominent domains and subsequent businesses.

Being the marketing director of the thephonebook.co.uk online directory, revealed a number of short comings of directories in respect to, the reality of the service they were able to provide to their clients and what service users actually needed, that even the largest, well known directories can not provide.

Pioneer online products that are considered the norm in today's online world, the extensive knowledge gained from owning and running these multi Million Pound projects, the attainment of a 1st Class Honours degree in Marketing predominately; online marketing, brand management, operating systems and consumer buying behaviour. We feel, provides us with the extensive knowledge needed to help you to succeed.

The ability to hit multiple top search engine position for our clients across industries and search engines is core to our service offering.

Thank you for your interest in Smash Local

Robert Johnson




Simply put, we are client orientated and focused on results.

Be found in

Whatever area, areas or geographical radius you wish to, or already operate in.

Situated in the heart of South Staffordshire, we are perfectly located, all be it surrounded by sheep, to service any location in the UK and internationally, if required. We can meet with you at your offices or, preferably, as we are environmentally conscious business, discuss via email, telephone or video call. With graduate level marketing experience spanning 30 years, great seo centred website designs, reliable hosting. Email accounts, domain names whatever you need, we can quickly establish the needs of your business and how to achieve your online goals all with a good return on investment.

Rest assured, we can help you win online.



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